Home Treatments for Varicose Veins

First, I will brief about Varicose veins. So Varicose veins are the veins which are larger is size, twisted and are in red or blueish or purple black in colors. The one looks like spider net are also known as spider veins. These veins result in lot of pain, swallowing and bulkiness to the legs. They usually get build on legs.

Depending on the patient situation, different type of treatments suggested. Here by we will just cover home treatments that can be carried out to keep varicose veins in control and doesn’t become a problem. However it is always recommended to talk to your doctor and follow their instructions on the treatment that is needed depending on the patients varicose vein situation.

Below is the list of home treatments that may provide certain relief from the varicose veins.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise like swimming, walking and cycling helps in improved blood circulation through the veins and that results into a good improvement in the veins.

  • Proper Diet

Your eating habits also influence your disease, hence appropriate diet is always recommended for any kind of disease. In this case cut down on salty foods and increase foods with high potassium. This results in reducing water retention. Food with high potassium like potatoes, leafy vegetables, fish helps. Citrus food and grapes also helps.

  • Avoid tight clothing

Tight fitting cloths restrict blood flow to some extent, so wearing loose cloths should help in improving blood supply to the lower part of the body. Similarly wearing flat sandals or shoes over heals one, helps in varicose vein.

  • Keep leg position elevated

Elevated legs, ideally at the same height as that of heart helps in improved blood circulation to the legs lower part. This reduces the pressure on the leg veins. Person should prefer leg elevated position while sitting for long time on chair.

  • Massage

Gentle massage with the oil on the affected areas helped in moving the blood within veins. But one need to be careful while massage, else heavy massage may result in damaging veins.

  • Don’t sit idle for long time

It’s important that you are moving after some time and not really sitting idle. Don’t sit for long time, instead take break move around to ensure that blood circulates through leg veins appropriately. Avoid cross leg sitting as it further restricts blood flow to the lower part of leg.

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